Get your crap together.
Get your crap together.

Bob Barker sneering is not a pretty sight.  His genuine disgust is enough to keep me on the straight and narrow for the rest of my life, no joke!  I have failed to blog about my hilarious children and awesome job since I switched schools and became a Lion. Unacceptable.  Thank you Bob for setting me upon the path of blogging righteousness…can I spin the wheel now?!

Anyway, the transition to OHS has been awesome.  I have a wonderful AP, fabulous co-workers who I actually get to collaborate with, and some sassy-a$$ kiddos.  God love ’em.  I think the kids have finally adjusted to my style of teaching and have accepted the fact that I am not going anywhere.  I had one kid ask me if I would be leaving, and I told him I was staying for the rest of the year JUST to harass him. Fool thinks he’s gonna shake me that easily? Please.


All that to say that I love my job!  🙂  Also, here are some quotes that I have scrounged up from the last month or so…

Quote #1:

Student: “Are those your real eyes?”

me: “yep.”

student: “No way.  No they’re not.”

me: “You’re right.”

Quote #2:

Student: “Are you trying to be a teacher?”

me: “Sweetie, I am a teacher. I’ve been one for seven years.”

Student: “What kind of teacher are you?”

me: “A damn good one.”

Quote #3:

me: “Who can think of a word association for carnal(sexual appetite)?”

student: “Carnival, since you want to ride the rides over and over again!”

Saved the best for last. You’re welcome. 🙂


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