“Welcome to hell”

Welcome, teacher lady…muahahaha!

Apparently, hell is located in my 5th period class, or at least that’s what I was told today by a student. Where are these magical gates that lead us to the underworld, young student? I do wonder…

teacher: “Please welcome Mrs. Johnson. She’ll be replacing Mrs. Soandso.”

student: “Yeah, let’s make her feel really “welcome”. haha.  Welcome to hell!”

Well hot dang!  If only I had known that I would be working in the underworld itself, I might not have taken this job.  hahahaha…NOT.  Should I be concerned that this kid essentially called himself a demon? Me thinks not.  I think I will happily accept the challenge of dealing with this “demon child” and his fellow “demon children”.  That’s right, kid.  You.Can’t.Scare.Me.  I worked in inner-city Philly! What now?!


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