Teens say the darndest things…


“What does a SharkMan have to do with teens and quotes?”, you might be thinking to yourself. Well, allow me to share with you some quotes from the past few days.  I think one of those quotes will answer your question.  Another quote will answer the question about how I read your mind in order to know what you were thinking upon seeing the Shark Man photo. Whoa. Mind. Blown. KABOOM.

Quote #1:

student: “Did you know that sharks can replace teeth as soon as they lose them? Oh, to mix the DNA of a shark and a human. That would be wonderful.”

me: “That would be pretty cool to not have to brush your teeth ever. Just knock them out after every meal.”

student: “Yeah, but what’s even better is that they never get cavities!”

Quote #2:

student: “Some Freshman tried my life in the lunch line today. He was trying to cut and he put his hand on me like this (puts hand on my bicep). I almost ended a life, today.”

Quote #3:

student:”You don’t really play soccer Wednesday nights.  You just go do drugs.”

me: “Yes. You caught me. I am a raging drug addict.”

student: “I thought you had an extravagant drug life.”

Quote #4:

student: “What would you do if some man just grabbed your ass at work?”

me:”I’d file a sexual harassment claim.”

student: “Usually calm, collected, and sophisticated women like you go crazy when they’re disrespected. You’d probably beat that n*gga’s ass”

me: “I do dream about punching people in the face.”

Quote #5:

me:”*******, you just totally read my mind! I was thinking I wanted you to put that book away, and you did it! You CAN read minds.”

student: “It’s easier to read the mind of an energized particulate entity.”

me: “What did you just say to me?”


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