Wilin’ out!

According to Urban Dictionary, the term “wilin’ out” can be defined as follows: “Acting up; causing trouble; doing something you should not be doing”.  While my students were wilin’ out most of the week, they were especially “wiley” today.  I thought that perhaps there was a full moon the previous night, but that was not the case.  I think the more logical explanation is that someone spiked the water fountains at school. 

I'm on to you, whoever you are!
I’m on to you, whomever you are!


This curious case of super hyped up children has led to some pretty hilarious quotes for the week, though.  So, without further ado, I give you the top quotes of the week.

1. “Do you want me to quit school and become a teen pop star like Justin Bieber?!”

2. “Butterflies don’t come near my house.  My house is a death zone.  That butterfly WILL die!”

3. “The virtual class logged me off, so I got salty and walked away!”

4. “I’m getting a chest hair. I’m definitely a senior.  I’m going to have to start undoing the third button on my shirt now.”

       Later in the day, same student walks to my desk and says: “Look, it’s a little black hair. Do you want to see it?”

        me: “Oh my gosh, no.  Please get away from my desk with your little 12-year-old boy chest.”

5. After a fellow teacher dropped off something for me, a student made the following comment about said teacher: “She is so sexy.  I want her to serve coffee to me in my kitchen on a Friday night!”

     me: “She is happily married with a child or two.  That will definitely not be happening. Ever.”

6. And my final quote for the week….

    In one swift motion, a  student comes up to my desk, gets out their car key, and pushes the button that makes the car key  pop out.

   Student(jokingly, while holding the key near my neck): “Give me all your money.” 

    me: “ahahahahahaha…..I’m a teacher!  You do realize we don’t make much money, right?!”


There you have it, folks.  My adorable, hilarious, sometimes challenging lovies were quite entertaining this week.  Hopefully you are as entertained as I was.  🙂



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