Just for Funsies…

o-BACK-TO-SCHOOL-facebookTwas the night before school and all through the house,

The teacher was stirring like a busy field mouse.

While packing her school bag with essential supplies,

She thought to herself, “Oh! How summer flies!”

The first week plans were nestled all snug in a folder,

But the teacher still felt like her stomach housed a boulder.

“I know I over-planned just in case things run awry,

but what if they hate my ice breakers? Oh my!”

When all of the sudden there arose another thought,

“Well, I don’t care if they like them or not!

I’ve done all I can to make learning fun.

They will deal with my silly games, each and every one!”

With a feeling of confidence arising in her soul,

She finally regained her sense of control.

Tomorrow she would walk into school without fear,

Knowing this would be one hell of a year.

By: me (and the guy who I ripped “Twas the Night Before Christmas” poem from)


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